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Safer and more comfortable crew transfer in the maritime offshore industry.

What is it we make? 

About 4500 offshore windmills generate green and sustainable electricity for our homes and industries in Europe. In 2018, about 400 new wind generators were taken into operation. One of the great challenges the offshore windmill industry is facing is that service and installation staff, who need access to windmills all year around, often get seasick in bad weather. Further, set-down at the windmill tower to and from the crew transfer vessels (CTV) is dangerous and risky. CTV’s are specially designed for transfer of 12 to 24 industrial personnel to offshore sites.



We at DACOMA have developed an active wave damping system for CTV’s, that outperforms all existing solutions. It’s extremely compact, damps wave motions more effectively and it also saves fuel. Customers in other areas also benefit from our solution, like in offshore/inshore fish farming, pilot services, luxury yacht owners, and tourist/sightseeing boat companies.

What are we part off?

DACOMA is based in the Startup Hub of the Maritime Cluster in Southern Denmark (Fyns Maritime Klynge). It is here in the heart of Scandinavia’s new powerful incubator, the technology for the maritime future can mature and unfold from the very ideas to strong, sustainable products.

The Hub and the recently received grant from The Danish Maritime Fund provide the optimum framework for designing and building the ultimate wave stabilizing system for crew transfer vessels.


Arnd Baurichter
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Daniel Baurichter
Mechanics and
3D design

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Kristian Lauszus
Control system and software
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Morten G. Poulsen
Electric Power

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Christian R. Dam
Automation & Naval Engineering
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Søren Gothil Hansen
Mentor – tech. & product testing



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